About Us

Our Vision

Our mission is to prepare our generation of students for the future, starting with the incorporation of the 4th industrial revolution and Human Connection Economy 4.0. With leading businesses already working to transition into the 4th industrial revolution, our students will be equipped with the knowledge of the four pillars, which are: Human Marketing 4.0++, Human Management 4.0++, Entrepreneurial & Financial Strategy 4.0, Technology Strategy 4.0, and will be ready to tackle the world. 

At Human Connection Campus - International University 4.0, students receive so much more than an ordinary education. We pride ourselves on creating a unique, exciting environment that embraces all types of learners and promotes growth both academically and professionally. Students and families are also welcomed into a dynamic and supportive community. Interested in learning more about Human Connection Campus - International University 4.0? We invite you to keep exploring our website as well as our social media, and to get in touch to ask questions about our values, academics, community and more. Join us today!

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Our Mission

At H2CU we offer industry-leading programs at an affordable price to allow everyone to reach their goals without the burden of debt. We also provide a fully remote education program which opens the gate to opportunities to many North American & International students, which offers them the highest 4.0 education which might be hard to attain elsewhere. 

The purpose of H2CU is to educate future leaders in their respective industries about the topics of the 4th industrial revolution and Human Connection Economy 4.0. We are convinced that a smooth and optimized transition into the 4th Industrial Revolution will allow our customers to become leaders in the new Economy 4.0.

Goals and Objectives


We are the world's first university to offer programs related to the 4th Industrial Revolution and Human Connection Economy 4.0. To be unique, we strive to be the best and exhaust all options to offer courses with industry-leading topics. We offer to create a challenging environment to shape the minds of the future. And to form new intellectual ideas to support this transition with endless dedication to those who chose to take on this adventure.


Human Values & Inclusion

At H2CU we strive to form a comfortable environment that is safe and encouraging for everyone. With the mission to spread education across the globe, with an online platform, we firmly believe in diversity as it leads to the untapped potential of human connection. And allows the equal distribution of opportunities across the community, allowing us to gain success as a whole. We welcome every motivated student, to join us just as you are, and take a step into a better future for humanity.



H2CU encourages an environment of collaboration based on mutual support and interest in success for each other. Our background in diversity and our students being from around the world provides different ethics and perspectives, that when combined in a collaborative environment will surely lead to a stronger community ready to tackle the companies biggest problem, putting the human and the planet at the heart of the new. Economy. 4.0.

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Why Choose H2CU

Multidisciplinary Study Programs 

H2CU offers a number of MBA and MSc programs based on the pillars of the Human Connection Economy 4.0.





H2CU is be based out of Boston but the majority of its students will be international increasing the reach across North America and the world, making higher education reachable for all motivated students.


Connections   Worldwide 

H2CU has connections with experts and companies throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and more. With experts connected with each other, H2CU invests all of its energy into students professional growth and creates branches for career opportunities.





H2CU offers students to come as they are. With a different experience for all students as they are much more involved with the path they take, from the project they work on to the experts they are connected with.