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 Our Full-time Online MBA & MSc program offers you great flexibility with a personalized approach to teach you how to put the human and the planet at the heart of the new Economy 4.0. 

A Unique Learning Experience

Welcome to the worlds first 4th Industrial Revolution Online MBA & MSc program. Our courses will equip students with the knowledge needed to join the most dynamic and advanced companies in the world. By having the option to take the programs asynchronously and synchronously, getting your MBA & MSc degree is made easier. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection.

Become the Leader the Planet needs today
The 4th Industrial Revolution

The world is changing at an extremely rapid rate, and it won't be long till we see the introduction of AI, biotechnologies and smart robots into our every day lives. This introduction of new technologies is well known as the 4th Industrial Revolution. How will business's adapt to integrate these new technologies into their strategies and operations? How will they do it efficiently without taking away jobs from the many people that hold them right now? How will they build the new Economy 4.0 without endangering the people and the planet? Our online MBA & MSc program is for individuals who are inspired for a life that means more than making money. It is for people in search of greater meaning and who wish to be a part of the leaders who will change the world and improve humanity. It is for people who want to learn how to properly transition the world into the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Human Connection Economy 4.0.

Traditional MBAs vs H2CU's MBA

Choosing an MBA can be quite a difficult decision to make, and you should pick the school that aligns with the your values and aspirations. Many schools use teachings that far outdate the times and the strategies that are needed today. Some even do not represent the greater good of humanity and the planet as a whole, but instead represent the problem as they teach methods that have been depleting the world of its natural resources for decades. They have formed generations of leaders who's main focus is the pursuit of money, power, and individualism. If we, as the new leaders of the world, continue to learn from schools that still teach 2.0 principals and strategies, we will not progress towards a healthier world for the Human and the Planet.

Our Online MBA & MSc

• You are recognized as part of the SOLUTION and not of the PROBLEM.

• You have an international and multicultural network

• You will choose to learn at your own pace, with live or recorded online sessions.

• You will benefit from professional experience with case studies from HCE4's clients.

• You won't be in debt to get started in life.

• You are able to create value without plundering the natural resources of the Earth.

• You understand and want to master all the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Increase between a pre-MBA Salary and Post-MBA Salary


Overall Average Graduate Salary


Average Employment Rate 3 Months After Graduation


Less Expensive than other large MBA institutions.

The right choice for your MBA 

The biggest challenge for employers today is getting employees and managers with not only the 4.0 technical knowledge to succeed, but the communication and 4.0 leadership skills as well. Our integrated approach will ensure that you learn both sides of the spectrum.

4.0 Technical Skills: Knowledge delivered from world-class faculty and industry experts on the 4th Industrial Revolution.

4.0 Leadership Skills: Graduates are equipped with skills employers are demanding today, such as:

4.0 Leadership, 4.0 Team facilitation, project leadership, and Transforming any challenge, shadow, or problem, into an opportunity for yourself and others. 

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An MBA & MSc with more Benefits


Our MBA program gives you the opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills with regular team building sessions with your classmates throughout the semester. Establishing a strong network for your future will grant you an advantage in this competitive marketplace.


H2CU offers students not only the standard business courses employers used to demand, but also options to specialize in one of the 4 main pillars of the new Economy 4.0. These include:

*Entrepreneurial & Financial Strategy 4.0 (MBA)
*Technological Strategy 4.0 (MBA & MSc)
*Human Management 4.0++ (MBA)
*Human Marketing 4.0++ (MBA)


If having one major is extremely valuable why not have two? Choosing to obtain a dual major not only saves you time and money, but also gives you a lot more professional options. The dual  major degree at H2CU provides students exponential value and will turn you into an expert in multiple fields. 


Coaching and mentorship programs at H2CU pairs students up with industry experts and leaders to develop their leadership skills. With the guidance of a trained professional, students will be well on their way to becoming the leaders of the new Economy 4.0.


Our team-based approach to learning includes lots of extra-curricular activities to unwind after a long day of studies. Living a balanced healthy lifestyle is very important for the mind and body. H2CU understands the value in this and holds sport sessions run by nutrition and fitness professionals for students in the programs.


Learning theory and strategies in a classroom setting is one thing, but bringing that to the real world is another. H2CU gives their students the choice to gain valuable work experience and explore potential career paths with our internship programs. Take this opportunity to further build your network and develop your existing skills in the workplace.