Human Marketing 4.0++ MBA

The goal of this pathway is to incorporate the latest Human Marketing 4.0++ techniques that are necessary for the success of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It is directed towards students who are interested in becoming directors and managers of Marketing, Sales, Communications, Design, and Planning, as well as team managers and even managers who are in touch with clients who are inspired to enter into Economy 4.0 in a meaningful and effective manner.


This pillar will focus on :

  • Developing authentic and transparent communication with future customers

  • Integrating technological 4.0 strategies into personal marketing strategies

  • Providing the skills required to promote, personalize and market your own brands.

  • Establishing an interpersonal relationship with customers and business partners in a way that satisfies and addresses their 4.0 human needs.


H2CU has built this Human Marketing 4.0++ MBA program for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students, and young professionals under 29 motivated in the Marketing Strategy of the new Economy 4.0.


This program aims to integrate the new Human Marketing 4.0++ Strategies that are essential for success in the 4th Industrial Revolution. It is aimed towards students who are pursuing careers in Marketing, Sales, Communication, Design, and Strategy as well as those who aspire to become directors and managers, as well as team leaders and also executives who are motivated to concretely and successfully enter into Economy 4.0.


Throughout this program the curriculum will be centered around:


  • Promoting authentic and transparent communication with future clients


  • Integrating Technological 4.0 tools into new marketing strategies


  • Acquiring the skills necessary to make future customers ambassadors


  • Developing the skills that will establish a strong human connection with the users of your future products

  • Creating new strategies aimed at turning shadows into opportunities


This program includes practical sections which allow each student to integrate the concrete fundamentals and principles of Human Marketing 4.0++ strategies. Every H2CU student has a regular meeting at least once per semester with an H2CU faculty.



For the 2 year-MBA program

Fall Term: September to December

Spring Term: January to April or early May.

This H2CU MBA program is aimed towards students and young professionals who are motivated in integrating professional 4.0 skills that will enable them to place both the human and the planet at the focus of the Economy 4.0.


The requirements are a Resume, Letter of intent, Transcript, GMAT score (recommended), and the US$40 application fee. Letters of recommendations are optional.


Our instructors are experts in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and are trained to teach those Human Marketing 4.0++ skills within a completely remote format. All of them have professional, industrial, and business experience that enables them to empower the 4.0 mindset of each H2CU MBA student. Additional career support is given through specific trainings and exchanges with professionals.


H2CU strives to provide students a learning experience that makes Online learning feel fresh and exciting at every moment. Our state of the art curriculum will have students on the edge of their seat from start to finish. Check out the Academics and About pages to see how we combine innovation and education to deliver the most inclusive MBA to date.