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University Questions

What are H2CU values and principles?

H2CU actions are based on the innovation principles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and on the human values of the Human Connection economy 4.0: “Value the Human and the Planet first”. It is inclusive and anti-discrimination in all dimensions: gender, sexual orientation, physical appearence, beliefs, origin, vulnerabilities, etc. A video of 1 minute and half presents HCE 4 / H2CU human values: https://youtu.be/vgH0ySNQe6U

What are the missions of the H2CU MBA/MSc Programs?

The mission of Human Connection Campus International University 4.0 is to transform and maximize the potential of present students and young professionals for the 4th Industrial Revolution, so that they can make the most of the next step in economic and social 4.0 change.

What students and young professionals can apply to H2CU?

In the regular curriculum, a student with an academic background of a bachelor from a 4 year university or a PhD with the motivation to take the next step in their professional career can apply. In the Integrated curriculum, a student who will enter their junior or senior year next September can apply, and will get both the H2CU MBA courses at the same time as their courses from Junior/Senior year. The integrated curriculum is also possible for students entering in another Master or PhD.Since we do not require any work experience to enroll in our program, professional backgrounds can range from no work experience to years of work experience. That’s why young professionals up to 30 with a bachelor are also welcome to apply.

Can I apply more than once a year?

The MBA program can be applied to once a year from January to end of the second round for the semester beginning in the Fall. Applications deadlines can be found on the "How to Apply" Academics page.

Is there an option to physically attend the H2CU campus?

At this moment there is no way to physically attend Human Connection Campus International University 4.0. The strength of the H2CU is to allow every student wherever they live on the planet to get access to this high level 4.0 MBA, with a great Human Connection between the students and the faculty.

Are there other businesses that the HCE 4 has connections with that will allow students in the program to have access for their Co-op?

Yes the HCE 4 has different professional networks that facilitate the research of Co-op during both Summer terms.

Is the Human Connection Campus International University 4.0 associated with Harvard University?

Despite the fact that H2CU has its American address in Harvard Square beside Harvard University Campus, H2CU is not formerly associated with Harvard University. Nevertheless an important focus of our Human Connection Campus is to be in strong relation with the best University Campuses over the USA, and to participate in many aspects of their life, such as: Conferences, Interviews of professionals, Clubs participations, Arts and Social online events, etc. Another important point is that in the frame of H2CU curriculum is integrated a certificate from one of those universities. The cost of this certificate is included inside the H2CU MBA fee (maximum US$1000).

Does H2CU have any legitimate accreditation?

H2CU is a new University 4.0 to learn the best of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As any new university or program, our MBAs have not yet received its accreditation from the AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. It is a process that takes several years, so this should be done in the years to come.

What career support is given to the students in the H2CU MBA program?

Every H2CU student has a regular meeting at least once per semester with an H2CU coach from our faculty. Additional career support can be given through specific trainings or exchanges with professionals.

Financial Questions

When can I apply to this program?

There are 2 rounds to apply. First-round: Fees between US$11,000 to US$14,000 per year. Second round: Fees between US$17,000 to US$22,000 per year. Applications deadlines can be found on the " How to Apply" Academics page. You can apply to the H2CU MBA program here: https://www.h2cu.online/request-info

What is included within the H2CU MBA/MSc program fee?

In the regular H2CU MBA core curriculum is included: All Courses, Coaching, Team buildings, Sports sessions, Team projects groups, Buddy program, Mentoring program, HCE 4 internships, Curriculum strategy program, Mental Health Services. As an option you can also get: Courses videos (option), Co-op programs (option), Daily coaching messaging (option), etc.

What are my payment options? Can the program be paid for in installments?

Payment options are paying in full or per year. There is also an option to pay in monthly installments over 22 to 29 months.

What currencies do you accept for the program payment?

All the H2CU fees are in US$, but the bank transfer can be made in any currency. Currency change and bank transfer costs are at the student charge.

Are there any discounts/grants/scholarships available?

Fee reductions are available for students paying in full or per year. Scholarship possibilities are available to students who integrate the following programs: HCE 4 internships before the MBA, Assistantship, H2CU/HCE 4 Ambassador, Junior Enterprise, etc. Lastly, grant possibilities can be available for the students taking the Co-op option.

What happens if a person cannot pay for a fee by a specific deadline?

In case of delay in financial installments, US$5 per day of delay is applied (maximum 15 days) for monthly installments ; and US$25 per day of delay (maximum 75 days) for the yearly payments. After 15 days of delay the participation of the student to the MBA courses is suspended. An additional cost of US$20 per missed class will be applied.

How much does the program cost?

There are 2 rounds to apply. First-round: Fees between US$11,000 to US$14,000 per year. Second round: Fees between US$17,000 to US$22,000 per year. Applications deadlines can be found on the "How to Apply" Academics page.

Whom do I contact for scholarship questions?

All the Scholarship answers are in the Application package that you can request on: https://www.h2cu.online/request-info. Any other questions can be asked at https://www.h2cu.online/contact

Is it possible to receive an application fee waiver or refund?

Application fees are refunded if your application is not accepted. Waivers of US$20 instead of US$40 are available for GPA= 3.8 or more ; or for Parents income of US$40k or less (according to Tax Return).

What additional expenses can I expect to incur while I am a student?

Outside of a few books (global budget of a few hundreds dollars over the 2 years), no additional expenses can be expected since everything is done remotely so there will be no housing or meal payments.

I am reimbursed by my employer for tuition. Does H2CU offer tuition deferment?

Yes H2CU accepts tuition deferment from your employer or other type of deferment.

Will my tuition be the same no matter where I live/study?

Tuition is the same no matter the country the student is living.

MBA & MSc Questions

What is the focus of each program specialization?

The focus of each program specialization includes one of the 4 following majors: Entrepreneurial & Financial Strategy 4.0 (MBA), Technological Strategy 4.0 (MBA & MSc), Human Management 4.0++ (MBA) and Human Marketing 4.0++ (MBA). The choosing of the major is done at the end of the first year. As an option during the second year, it is also possible to take one or several courses from another specialization. H2CU also makes it possible to choose a double-MBA with a second specialization.

If I am already enrolled in a Bachelor, Master or PhD program at another institution, can I still apply?

You can simultaneously pursue another degree while obtaining the H2CU MBA degree with our integrated MBA programs. Please request the full information package for more information at: https://www.h2cu.online/request-info

Is work experience required for this MBA/MSC?

Professional work experience is not required to be enrolled into our MBA program.

Is the program available full-time and part-time?

The H2CU MBA program is available to be either full-time (2 years) or part-time (3 or 4 years).

How do I pick an MBA 4.0 specialization? (Marketing, Management, Finances, Technology, etc.)

Picking a MBA 4.0 specialization is an extremely important and personal decision made at the end of the first year, because this choice will be the next step in your professional career. We can give you recommendations based on previous educational experiences but the final choice will be yours.

Will there be the option to work independently (at my own pace) on the courses?

With the Flexible online video curriculum you can choose the day and time you attend the asynchronous courses. With the part-time option you can choose to complete your MBA in 3 or 4 years instead of 2.

Upon completion, will I still be able to access the course modules?

Yes for 4 months after the end of your MBA if you have taken the Flexible Online Video MBA Option.

How do I list my credentials upon the completion of the MBA/MSc program?

Here is an example: “MBA 4.0 Specialization in Entrepreneurial & Financial Strategy 4.0” as it will be written on your MBA Diploma.

How can I get more information about the H2CU and the MBA/MSc programs they offer?

All the information is available on the website www.h2cu.online , on the pamphlet http://www.hce4.com/h2cu-amb-pamphlet-120121.pdf, on our Social Media (see top right corner of our website), on the application package that you can request on: https://www.h2cu.online/request-info, and if you still have a question, you can ask it on : https://www.h2cu.online/contact

What is the timeline to complete the program?

The timeline to complete the H2CU MBA program is two years (2 Fall semesters + 2 Spring semesters). In case of Co-op option, the program also includes 2 Summer semesters. In case of Part-time option, it is possible to carry out the program in 3 to 4 years instead of 2 years.

How is the H2CU MBA program different from other MBA programs?

The H2CU MBA program is different from other MBA programs because H2CU focuses on maximizing your potential for the 4th Industrial Revolution with the Human Connection Economy 4.0 principles, in whichever specialization you choose. Unlike most MBA programs a preceding professional experience is not compulsory to be eligible to apply.

Is it possible to transfer credits from another graduate program?

Credits can not be transferred from another graduate program.

Are online MBA programs credible?

Online MBAs are credible just like regular MBA programs.

How long can I defer my acceptance?

As long as the financial plan you choose is respected, you can defer your acceptance up to one year with a notice of 3 months prior Fall term starts.

Students Questions

What is Lucy and David?

Lucy and David are the mascots of the interns and Co-op students at HCE 4 / H2CU. They are a way to speak with other students around the globe, follow any big news that is happening at the H2CU and share any capstone projects information.

Is a bachelor degree required?

Outside of the Integrated curriculum for Junior and Senior students, a bachelor degree is required since MBA degrees are for those who have already received a bachelor degree from a university or college. In the Integrated curriculum for Junior and Senior students, the H2CU MBA/MSc degree is delivered just after the bachelor’s degree acquisition.

Do I have to take the GMAT?

The GMAT is recommended but not compulsory at H2CU. So if you have taken the GMAT, then you can send your GMAT results together with your transcript. Otherwise you can send any additional documents or reference together with your transcript.

Will I be able to build a strong connection with my classmates if I’m taking classes online?

Through various social events set up by H2CU you will be able to build a great connection with fellow classmates.

Can an online MBA program help my career?

An MBA degree helps you gain a deeper understanding of your job as well as justifies a higher salary since the level of expertise has increased.

May I send you my transcripts, test scores or references before I submit my application?

We would prefer if you sent in all required information while submitting the application.

I did not score as highly on the test as I thought I would and plan to retake it. Will the admissions committee wait to review my application until my new scores are available?

If H2CU is notified within a certain time frame your application might be put on hold until the new score is received.

How will I receive an admission decision?

We will send a letter by email containing the information of enrollment and all other necessary information.

Will I know the reason if I am denied admission?

You will not know the reason why you denied admission from the H2CU MBA program. You can contact us through the website to find out why you were denied admission.

How do I confirm that you have received my application materials?

We will send out an email once we receive your information to notify you.

Where can I access an application?

Click on this link to request an application to H2CU: https://www.h2cu.online/request-info

Are there breaks during the program?

Yes there is a break of a few weeks between Fall and Spring term. And a break of 4 months during the Summer period between Spring and Fall term. Optional Co-op terms are carried out during Summer terms.

What would I do if I needed to take a semester off?

Taking a semester off is only possible with the Part-time option that enables you to carry out your MBA in 3 to 4 years instead of 2.

What services are available for learning disabled and physically disabled students?

Being a remote university means we can access more people from the comfort of their homes so it makes it easier for the physically disabled to attend classes. For the learning disabled students the Flexible Online Video option that enables them to attend asynchronous the courses can represent a solution.

What networking opportunities are available? How will I interact with my classmates?

There will be various events outside of class where you can socialize and network with other students and instructors.

Courses Questions

How are H2CU Online courses delivered?

All of the courses at H2CU are delivered online whether classes are live on a quality video conference platform or recorded and uploaded for students to watch via asynchronous (optional).

Am I required to log in to an H2CU Online course at specific times?

Students in the regular MBA curriculum are required to attend classes at a specific time if they choose the live version of the classes. Students in the Flexible online video curriculum can choose the day and time they attend the asynchronous courses.

Will there be the option to work independently (at my own pace) on the courses?

With the Flexible online video curriculum you can choose the day and time you attend the asynchronous courses. With the part-time option you can choose to complete your MBA in 3 or 4 years instead of 2.

Am I required to purchase any additional course materials?

That will be determined by the instructors you are taking until otherwise stated but most things will be provided by the H2CU. Where in the other MBA you have a budget of several tens of thousands of dollars for the materials; at H2CU your budget for that will be very limited (few hundreds of US$) over the 2 years of courses.

What other languages are H2CU courses taught in (aside from English)?

Currently English is the only available option that H2CU courses are taught in but part of our faculty speak other languages (French, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, etc).

What will I receive upon the completion of a course?

In that case, you receive the Credits for the course. When all the credits are obtained, you obtain your MBA (or MSc) diploma.

What are the requirements to successfully pass a course and obtain a credit from it?

In order to pass successfully a course and obtain a credit from it, you need to get a minimum mark of 3 out of 4 so B minimum (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0).

Are there attendance requirements?

In order to get the credit corresponding to the courses, every class shall be attended either live or asynchronous.

What happens if you’re sick and have to miss an exam?

If the student can provide proper medical documentation then the exam will be rescheduled by however long the professor deems worthy. Applicable fees will be charged to the student.

Who will my classmates be?

Your classmates will be students and young professionals under 29 like you. Outside of classes, you will meet most of the other students through various meet and greets or other social events set up remotely by H2CU.

Will there be electives?

There will be various electives to be chosen for the MBA program, among the other MBA specializations you will not have chosen as your own major, and from other professional or personal projects that will be eligible as an elective.

How much time should I expect to spend on MBA work each week?

Time spent on school work each week will vary by instructor since they will determine the overall structure of classes. Average time is about 40 hours per week: 12 hours in classes + 24 hours of personal study + additional professional and MBA activities (Sports, Professional interviews, Team-building, Conferences, Clubs, etc).

How do I submit course work and take exams?

Course work will be submitted to professor emails while exams will be taken remotely whether or not the professor will be present during exams is up to them.

FAQ - Other Asked Questions

Financial Questions

Are there any discounts for obtaining a second specialization?

Yes there is a 75% discount offered for obtaining a second MBA specialization. For more information click here: https://www.h2cu.online/request-info

Does H2CU have student loans or installments plans?

H2CU has no student loans option. It has installments plans up to 29 months available for registered students.

What is the cost? Is in-state and out-of-state tuition the same?

There are 2 rounds to apply. First-round: Fees between US$11,000 to US$14,000 per year. Second round: Fees between US$17,000 to US$22,000 per year. Applications deadlines can be found on the " How to Apply" Academics page. The cost is the same no matter where in the world you are. There is no difference if you live in a specific place.

How do I pay for my tuition?

All payments are made via ACH Bank Transfer.

MBA & MSc Questions

What are the benefits of obtaining an MBA/MSc from the H2CU?

The benefits from obtaining an MBA / MSc from H2CU is to help students maximize their potential. When the 4th industrial revolution is completely transforming the economy in the upcoming years, bringing many new challenges and opportunities for everyone, how we choose to adapt is of the utmost importance. With the H2CU MBA 4.0 professional skills you will be fully ready to be the optimal actor of the situation, by being able to transform your shadows and the context challenges into opportunities for you and the others.

Will I be able to have multiple concentrations?

Yes multiple concentrations are available if you decide to attempt more than one. Students can choose one or all the additional courses from another concentration.

What are the requirements for admission?

The requirements are a resume, letter of intent, transcript, your GMAT score (recommended) and the $40 registration fee. Letters of recommendations are optional.

Is work experience required?

Work experience is not required for the H2CU MBA program.

What happens when it is time for graduation?

Graduation ceremony will be done remotely unless otherwise stated.

Do you require entrance exams?

No, the GMAT is recommended but not compulsory.

Do you offer non-degree or conditional admission where I could take MBA courses prior to being admitted?

Only students accepted into the H2CU MBA program can take the MBA courses.

Is it possible to start the program after working for one or two years?

Yes it is possible to start the program with little to no work experience.

How many credits do I need to complete to receive my MBA?

Each semester contains a minimum of 12 credits, and the total MBA includes a minimum of 48 credits.

What does the H2CU MBA program look for in a qualified candidate?

The H2CU MBA program looks for young men and women that will help shape the future of the Economy 4.0 not just with business but by putting both humans and the planet as the focus of the future economy.

How is the program structured?

The first half is taught to give insight to all the pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Once completed you will be able to choose a specialization for the second half of the program.

Is an Online MBA the same as a regular MBA?

An online MBA is the same as a regular MBA. There is no decrease in value or recognition for an online MBA.

How long does the application process take?

After submitting your application, the application process will take a few weeks before getting an official decision of enrollment from H2CU.

How can I find out if you will accept my undergraduate transcript?

If the undergraduate transcript is accepted then you will receive an email notification.

When should I choose my concentration?

Concentrations have to be chosen by the end of first year.

May I reapply if I am denied admission?

You can reapply if you are denied admission as soon as new applicants are being accepted.

Do I have to take the TOEFL or IELTS?

No, TOEFL or IELTS are not required (but can be sent if you passed them). You just have to have an English level that will be enough for you to understand and participate to the H2CU courses and activities.

Can I change my program pace within the Part-Time MBA?

Yes, at the beginning of each term H2CU students with the Part-Time option can change their program pace for the next semester.

Do I need a business undergraduate?

A business undergraduate can be recommended for some of our MBA programs (Financial, Marketing, Management, etc) because it is the next step for someone with a business degree. But our MBA is open to every kind of undergraduate.

What will my diploma say when I graduate?

Here is an example: “MBA 4.0 Specialization in Entrepreneurial & Financial Strategy 4.0” as it will be written on your MBA Diploma.

Will my diploma indicate that I earned my MBA in an online format?

No the diploma will not indicate that the diploma was earned in an online format.

I’m currently in a different MBA program. Can I take classes from your program as well?

The H2CU MBA program allows you to take a different MBA program while also being enrolled in ours.

Is there a minimum GPA needed to graduate?

Yes the minimum GPA to graduate with an H2CU MBA is 3.0 out 4.0.

I am enrolling in my last class before I graduate, is there a form I need to fill out?

No, as soon as you have passed all your exams and got your credits, the MBA diploma will be automatically sent to you.

Students Questions

Where do students find work after the completion of the program?

The 4th Industrial Revolution impacts every industry and company in every country. So there are no limits of places to find a job as an employer or individual worker after the H2CU MBA/MSc.

Am I required to attend any curricular meetings via videoconference?

Once per semester, a virtual meeting with one of our faculty coaches is made. If you are in the “Flexible online video” program option, you will be able to propose several days to choose from in order to make an appointment for the meeting

For people that are working, is the MBA flexible schedule wise?

Yes the “Flexible Online Video” option is built for the students who are working or who have a busy schedule.

Can I request that my transcripts be sent electronically?

Yes transcripts will be sent electronically to help speed up the process and get the decisions to applicants faster so they can prepare for classes.

Who can I contact at H2CU for questions about using military education benefits?

You can contact our student advisors by filling the following form: https://www.h2cu.online/request-info

How do I know if I am ready to learn online?

Taking an Online MBA is a personal decision that includes several parameters (financial, geographical, etc). Nowadays every professional has become used to working online. And the H2CU has been able to develop an educational strategy that enables us to build the same human connection online that would be built in person.

How do I interact with my classmates and instructors?

There are various ways to interact with classmates and instructors whether it be through email, group chats or video chats set up.

Are there specific requirements for international applicants?

For international students, our only requirements are to be able to access the classes and be able to speak, read and write in English.

Where do I send transcripts?

Transcripts have to be sent to the email address that is indicated in the application package you will receive by filling the following form: https://www.h2cu.online/request-info

Will you notify me if something is missing from my application?

Yes you will be notified via email if something is missing from the application.

Will I be able to find employment in the United States upon graduation?

We do not guarantee employment upon graduation, but we help every H2CU student to get the best professional preparation in order to enter in the work market they have chosen.

What support services are available to an H2CU student?

The support services we offer are academic advising, career tools, coaching & mentorship, mental health and technical support for all of our MBA students. Students who have taken the Co-op option have also a full access to our facilities to find and carry out an internship in optimal professional conditions.

Is there an orientation for H2CU Online MBA students?

Orientation dates will be given to students who are accepted into the H2CU MBA program. Orientation includes team building which is a way for you to meet your classmates as well as the faculty and build strong connections with them.

What factors do the admissions committee consider when evaluating my application?

The factors that the admissions committee consider when evaluating an application is a combination of the resume, GMAT score (optional), letter(s) of recommendation, transcript and the letter of intent.

How can I gauge my chances for admission?

The best way to gauge your chances is by requesting an individual session with a student advisor to discuss what you plan to submit and they can give you the estimated chance that you will be accepted into the H2CU MBA program. For that fill the form on: https://www.h2cu.online/request-info

Must I submit my application documents in one package?

While it is preferred that all documents be sent in one package as long as we are notified ahead of time that some of the documents require more time to obtain so we can put your application on hold until we receive the rest of the necessary information.

Will my network still grow even though I am online?

Your network will grow with your classmates, instructors, professionals and those who you communicate with during the H2CU social events.

Will you evaluate my profile and let me know if I'm a strong candidate?

The best way to have your profile evaluated is by requesting an individual session with a student advisor to discuss what you plan to submit and they can give you the estimated chance that you will be accepted into the H2CU MBA program. For that please fill the following form: https://www.h2cu.online/request-info

What Career Services are provided to students?

Several services are provided by our Career Services: The main one is our Coaching & Mentoring program. Then, our MBA program provides job conferences for students who wish to connect and meet with representatives from other business schools, startups, and progressive companies. Numerous online workshops & seminars will be held throughout the academic year to improve resume optimization, networking, fieldwork opportunities, and interviewing procedures. H2CU gives you also the opportunity to develop your professional networking and interpersonal skills when going to job interviews. These mock interviews help students clarify responses to certain questions and help them work on areas where they may have weaknesses. This is a perfect opportunity for students to see how they can successfully build a strategy to land the jobs they are applying for.

How do I check the status of my application?

Contact us through the website with the proper information and we can check your application status and notify you of where it stands.Click here: https://www.h2cu.online/contact

How can I get a copy of my H2CU MBA transcripts?

Contact H2CU office to request a copy of your transcripts. Click here: https://www.h2cu.online/contact

May I have access to my student records?

Students can have access to their records if they contact the H2CU main office. Contact us at: https://www.h2cu.online/contact

How will the H2CU help students who do not have access to a quiet space for classes/exams?

Recordings will be given to students with the “Flexible Online Video” option, so they can watch lectures at times that work best for their schedules and environments. Exams will have to be done differently but instructors should be notified a month before exams of any possible situations so they can access the best options.

Can I choose what classes to take each term?

Yes at the end of the first year every student chooses the classes they will take during the second year.

Can I take breaks from the program?

Breaks can be planned in advance each term for Part-time students.

How will I be notified if accepted?

Emails will be made to all those accepted so that they are properly notified of their successful enrollment to the Human Connection Campus International University 4.0 (H2CU).

Courses Questions

How do I know which courses to pick in my third and fourth semesters?

Talking to H2CU advisors while also looking at your schedule will make it so there is plenty of time for classes, studying and extracurriculars. Looking at the course catalog at the end of the second semester will also help you better organize your schedule to see how to best structure yourself.

Do I need to be in a specific time zone to enroll and attend courses?

No there will be no specific time zone but we are centered on Boston, Massachusetts time zone, and all the schedule will be given in Eastern Standard Time (EST). For Europe and Africa the courses will correspond to the afternoon. For Asia, the courses schedule will correspond to the evening. With the “Flexible Online Video” option, students can attend asynchronously the courses at the time they wish.

What grading scale will be employed by the H2CU?

In order to pass successfully a course and obtain a credit from it, you need to get a minimum mark of 3 out of 4 so B minimum (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0).

Upon admission, when will I receive my course schedule, course materials, packages (internal regulations, etc), student number, etc.?

48 hours after the payment of their registration students will receive all necessary H2CU information in order to start their courses early September.

Are there any prerequisite courses?

No prerequisite courses are required to enroll in the H2CU MBA program.

Will there be offline content?

All the activities are made online in real time. For students who work or would like to complete the course on their own time, they will have the possibility to take the “Flexible Online Video” option and attend all the courses asynchronously.

What does the course content look like?

Instructors will create specific 4.0 course content so it will vary from instructor to instructor.

How do I drop an online course?

With the Part-time option, it is possible to extend the MBA completion up to 3 to 4 years and to drop courses from a semester to another. In that case, please contact the H2CU office after speaking with the professor about dropping the course.

Is H2CU faculty trained to teach online?

Our instructors are trained to teach online and be able to show their lessons and plans through remote teaching.

Will I be required to take any prep courses?

Taking prep courses is not required to be admitted at H2CU.

Are there language courses that I’ll be required to take while in the program?

There are not any language courses that students will have to take while in the program at this moment.

What will a typical course schedule for the Online MBA look like?

A typical H2CU MBA week will include 4 courses of 3 hours + multiple professional and social activities.

How will I obtain my textbooks?

Textbooks will be obtained online if necessary.

Where do I find the list of books needed for class?

The instructors will provide a syllabus for the class that will have all the information you will need related to their course.

What do I do if I think my grade(s) for a course is incorrect?

Contact your instructor and discuss with them the grade and why you feel it is incorrect.

Do I have to log into the course at a specific time?

That will be determined by the instructor of the class.

If I have difficulties, will I be able to ask the instructor questions?

You can get in contact with your instructor by using their email or if they decide to share their phone number you can contact them at the appropriate times.

How long does it take to complete a H2CU Online course?

The MBA Online curriculum is given over 2 years (4 semesters, or 6 semesters with the Co-op option). Each semester lasts 14 weeks: 1 introductory week, 12 regular courses week and 1 exams week. Each course week contains 4 courses of 3 hours + other activities such as team building, sports / psycho-corporal activities, exchanges with professionals, business projects, etc. Each semester contains a minimum of 12 credits, and the total MBA includes a minimum of 48 credits.

What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous courses?

Synchronous courses (either wholly or in part) are designed to take place at specific dates and times. Synchronous learning refers to a learning event where students engage in learning at the same time. Instructors provide materials, lectures, assignments, quizzes or exams that are accessed at specific dates and times. Asynchronous courses (either wholly or in part) are designed so that course requirements can be completed at any date or time. Asynchronous learning refers to a learning event where students engage in learning at different dates and times. Instructors provide materials, lectures, assignments, quizzes or exams that can be accessed at any date or time. Students may be given a specific timeframe to complete learning events, but students do not necessarily complete them at the same date or time.

What if I lose my internet connection during a quiz or exam?

Get in contact with your professor as soon as possible so that the necessary steps can be taken.

What can I expect in terms of feedback from instructors?

Instructors will give feedback through various methods whether it be meetings or emails but only if requested by a student.

How many classes can I take each semester?

From 2 to 8 classes according to Part-time and Dual MBA options.

How are the materials/classes presented?

This will vary from instructor to instructor since they each have their own teaching styles

University Questions

How can I stay connected to H2CU after I graduate?

By contacting professors regularly, joining the alumni groups, becoming Professional Assistant or joining the newsletter is some of the best ways to stay connected with all the latest activities related to H2CU.

Do you offer graduate assistantships?

We offer graduate assistantships on several levels to eligible students in the full-time program. Graduate assistants are required to work up to 20 hours per week during the school year for the H2CU MBA Program. Recipients are eligible for a partial tuition waiver, a monthly stipend, and additional coaching & mentoring programs.

What if I am placed on the waitlist?

If placed on the waitlist you will receive a definite answer a few weeks before classes start.

When are your information sessions?

Information sessions are carried out by our student advisors. To have access to it, please fill the following form: https://www.h2cu.online/request-info

What types of library resources does H2CU have?

H2CU has full access to the whole HCE 4 International Professional Federation, the biggest professional organization focusing on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

How can I meet with an H2CU advisor?

Contact Us at https://www.h2cu.online/contact to get in contact with an H2CU advisor.

Who should I speak to if I am having difficulty registering for a class this fall?

Contact Us at https://www.h2cu.online/contact to get in contact with an H2CU advisor.