Updated: Aug 12

Entering the 4th Industrial Revolution means getting involved in the new paradigm of Economy 4.0; it is gradually interfering in a world under construction, in a new approach to the human being, in a new way of thinking about the world and the company. The roadmap to success in the 4th industrial revolution involves several stages, which we have called "Human Connection Economy 4.0". They constitute what is at the heart of the new economy, i.e. the set of human needs that we call "Human Connection" and which includes: recognition, appreciation, distinction, valorization, usefulness, visibility, expression, competence, passion, innovation, love of self and others, self-esteem, the esteem of others, etc.

Thus, this process of the Human Connection Economy 4.0 is composed of three steps.

The first step allows the integration of all the potential that a human being or a human organization or company possesses internally.

The second step aims to learn to master all the unlimited resources that a human organization or a human being has at its disposal in its internal and external environment, whether in the immediate environment or more generally in the universe.

The third stage stands for the heart of the 4th industrial revolution: Transcendence. It is about learning how to master the machinery for transforming any challenge into an opportunity for oneself and one's company, or even for the imprint /trace, one wishes to leave on human society in general.

In the book "Human Connection Economy 4.0", Olivier Vidal explains each step in-depth and gives examples of HCE 4 best practices to show what an HCE 4 Strategic Action Plan means in a company. There are also many other HCE 4 resources: Audits, Training Seminars, Global Coaching, Consulting, HCE Coaching, and Support, Expert Training, Support to the HCW Foundation, etc. By carrying out this HCE 4 work in your company and on yourself, you will not only be able to uncover unsuspected internal 4.0 potentials, but you will above all be able to get a head start on succeeding in the 4.0 Economy. Your commitment via the HCE 4’s Roadmap will help you integrate optimally the 4th Industrial Revolution.